At CH, we start by providing you with a home away from home. A spacious, well-appointed, warm and comfortable room. Superb food and plenty of it. Excellent sport and recreation facilities.

All within a few minutes’ walk of UC.

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Your room at CH will be your space: a carpeted, furnished, one-person, study-bedroom. With a large single bed, a wardrobe, a desk, Wi-Fi, chairs, bookshelves, pin-boards, a rubbish bin and laundry basket and a heater.

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Typically, there are just five rooms on a floor. On each floor there is a shared bathroom and a kitchenette with a fridge and sink.  Elsewhere, there’s a laundry and a secure place to store your bike and skis.  

Everyone at CH shares the Common Room, Dining Room, Computer Room, Library, Study Room, Formal Lounge and Tennis Courts.  


Ask around: the food is great.

Three meals a day, seven days a week in term time. No problem with vegetarian or whatever. Wine with meals on special occasions.  Make a packed lunch if you need it. An early or late dinner if you’ve got a lecture. Arrange to bring a guest if you want.

Social Life

Here’s why you’ll quickly feel you belong. At CH, your room is in a ‘house’ and the 11 houses are the secret to social life at CH.  We do our best to allocate rooms so that the houses have a relatively even mix of men and women, of subjects being studied and geographical spread.

You’ll soon get to know your house mates, because not only are their rooms near yours, the houses organise their own dinners and activities. There are inter-house quizzes, sports events, drama and music competitions, theme parties and feasts, the Ball, and a car rally. There’s ‘Shambles Court’: light- hearted mock trials.

Because students can stay at CH for two years, you get to know people outside your year-group and that widens your circle of friends. 

Sport and Recreation

There are sports contests throughout the year. There are house competitions in touch rugby, cricket, squash, tennis, table tennis, pool and chess. A bike race. Inter-hall competitions in athletics, swimming, ultimate frisbee, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball and touch rugby.

CH normally fields soccer, rugby, basketball, netball and tennis teams in local competitions. Students also organise regular group ski trips during the winter.

There’s a sports and cultural exchange with Dunedin’s Selwyn College and with Trinity College, Melbourne.

Pastoral Care

Most of the students who come to CH tell us they are bullet proof, but, curiously, their parents don’t always agree…

It’s one of the benefits of being here: if you’re not well, or struggling at uni, or finding life challenging in some other way, there are people around looking out for you and able to help.

It’s a role we take very seriously. An important part of helping you succeed. As well as staff, there are our six residential tutors here for your benefit, living at CH alongside you, and part of CH life.


One of the attractions of UC is its campus, at Ilam. CH is right next door, so much of your time you’re a bit removed from the city and that works. However, as the rebuild gathers pace, there’s more and more to see and do Christchurch and if you want to get to the city, it’s easy by bus or bike.

For many students, though, the real attractions are outdoors: the beaches, the mountains and everything else the South Island has to offer.  

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