Boarding Fee Includes:

  • Own single room with king length single bed
  • Three restaurant quality meals a day, including weekends
  • Supper during study and exam weeks 
  • Specific dietary requirements met
  • Free WiFi 
  • Comprehensive tutoring and academic mentoring programmes
  • Varied fun and social activities
  • One full time and 17 part time pastoral care support staff
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Clean bed linen provided weekly
  • Full use of all shared facilities in your house
  • Full use of all College House facilities.

Limited car parking is available on a first-in basis at $120 per year.

Boarding Fee: $19,400 (GST inclusive)

Application Fee: $935 (GST inclusive)
$330 Enrolment fee
$275 CHSA subscription
$330 Contingency/bond payment

 Payments Due

 On acceptance Application Fee  $935
 12 January 2018 Boarding fee first instalment  $7,760
 4 May 2018 Boarding fee second instalment   $7,760
 7 September 2018 Boarding fee third instalment   $3,880
Amounts shown are GST inclusive
Payments are accepted by cash, cheques, direct credit transfer, Eftpos and credit card
A fee of 3% is added to credit card payments
Late payments incur a penalty