"Come then, you old members of the house, whoever sees these words, and send in your splendid shilling". (Dean CW Carrington, Principal 1901 - 13)

We like to acknowledge our benefactors in as many ways as possible. Each year you give to College House, we will include your name in our publications - unless you request anonymity.

Bequests, outstanding contributions and special campaign gifts may be acknowledged in a variety of different ways, and we would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Thank you to all of you below who have sent in your splendid shilling.

College House Benefactors

2016 Donors

Suzanne & Patrick Andrew Gerald Jacobson
Richard Austin Murray Kennedy
Geoffrey Beadel Michael Lancaster
Andy Bloomer Claire & John Mackintosh
Duncan Brand Kaye McKee
Judge John Brandts-Giesen John Moore
Tony Brough Leith Power
Brent Bruce John Rolleston
Anna Dickie William Rolleston 
Gordon Ford Graeme Robinson
Mike Fuge Laraine Sharr
Steven Gentry Richard Simpson  
John Godfrey Lloyd Smith
Cameron Gray Bill Studholme
Roger Greenwood Nick Tripe
Rodney Harries Lesley Weston
Bruce Hamilton Shailer Weston 
Peter Hogg Noel Woods
Ben Hopkins Gavin Yates 
Karl Hudson New World Ilam

2015 Donors

Graeme Aitken Russell Lister
John Akiyama Olwyn & Alan Lochhead
Suzanne & Patrick Andrew Claire & John Mackintosh
Natalie Baird David & Helen Maidment
Donna & Grant Baker John Miller 
Geoffrey Beadel John Moore
Andy Bloomer Nowell-Usticke Family
Sacha Bradford Jenny & Terry O'Donnell
John Brandts-Giesen Suzanne Peddie
Tony Brough Roger Ridley-Smith
Brent Bruce John & William Rolleston
Barry Clearwater Karla Smith
Alastair Drayton Lindsay Spilman
Matt Easton David Strack
Grant Fletcher Bill Studholme
Mike Fuge Adrian Wallis
Cameron Gray  Sir Miles Warren
Steven Gentry Malcom Welch
Anna Gerritsen Shailer Weston
Bruce Hamilton Tom Weston
Ben Hopkins Richard Wheeler
Alfred Howard Naomi Wilde
Karl Hudson Anna Wilkes
Gerald Jacobson Campbell Wratt
Selwyn Jebson  

2014 Donors

Anonymous Donors
John Akiyama
Ross Allen
Suzanne & Patrick Andrew
James Baines
Geoffrey Beadel
Duncan Brand
Tony Brough
Colin Brown
Brent and Judith Bruce
Maree & Martin Bush
Adrian Coleman
Simon Courtney
Ted Dashfield
Nick Davidson, QC
Bruce Don
Fraser & Lois Flanagan
Steven Gentry
Cameron Gray
Norman Hardie
Rod Harries
Georgia Harvey
Brent & Caraline Hawken
John Hawley
Kerry Haycock
Peter Hogg
Ben Hopkins
Alfred Howard
Karl Hudson
Selwyn Jebson
David and Helen Maidment
Claire & John Mackintosh
Thomas Makinson
Sam Maling
John Moore
Hugh Morrison
Ng Wei Yong
Timothy Nowell-Usticke
Suzanne Peddie
Philip Robinson
John Rolleston
Laraine Sharr
Richard Simpson
Karla Smith
Brodie Stevens
Claudia Stevens
Emily Stevens
Lucinda Stevens
David Strack
Bill Studd
Bill Studholme
Amanda Thomas
Ros & Michael Thomas
Peter Timmins
Marcos Van Dam
Geoffrey Walpole
Sir Miles Warren
Malcolm Welch
Shailer Weston
Richard Wheeler
Naomi Wilde
Noel Woods
Gavin Yates
Murray & Co