Whether you are one of our alumni, a parent (present or past), former staff or have some other connection to CH you are a valued member of the CH community.

We want you to keep in touch and to feel you belong. You are welcome to visit at any time. Come and see our new Main Block. Join us for formal dining.

We like to know where our family members are and what they are doing. We are particularly keen to have alumni share their stories: in person, or in writing.

Make sure you join our online community.  We’ll be able to keep in touch, invite you to CH Family functions, and you’ll be able to reconnect with old friends.

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To view our 2016 Alumni Magazine is now available, to view click here. View our 2015 magazine, click here.

You can download a PDF of our 2014 issue here and the 2013 issue here.

Perhaps you are in a position to consider supporting CH financially. We very much welcome—and are deeply grateful for—donations, gifts, annual giving commitments and bequests.

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