As Christmas draws near, we reflect, in particular, on the birth of Christ and the precious gifts, borne by the three wise men, of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

At College House we consider the 2018 cohort of young men and women whose lives have, we trust, been enhanced by their residential experience within these white walls.  As we anticipate the year ahead, our focus shifts to our beloved Chapel of the Upper Room and the challenge that lies ahead to recover and strengthen this remarkable building - still inaccessible eight years on from the earthquakes.

Importantly, we know over many decades the Chapel experience has exerted a positive influence on hundreds of students, inspiring deep reflection and firming the resolve of each to make a positive difference for others in life.  This is the X-factor College House has always afforded our students.  Importantly, research shows such experience can, and does, make a transformational difference, not only to one’s imprint on the community but also to one’s life of learning and giving to others.

It is a unique moment in time for us all and we understand well the need to restore this magnificent building for future generations of young women and men.

Our challenge is to raise $4,700,000.  We are pleased to announce the very heartening news of a grant received from Lotteries of $400,000.  This contribution, together with the insurance payout of $800,000, and very generous gifts by two significant benefactors in particular, brings our total raised so far to $2,549,000.  

You and I are now being offered a way of literally reframing and re-presenting the earthquake weakened Chapel of the Upper Room for the greater good of our students and the University of Canterbury. 

We would so appreciate your support to strengthen the Chapel.  There is nothing more important than the potential of our gifts―our gold, frankincense and myrrh―to influence the lives of future generations of students, so like us, these young men and women can find their personal gold within.

We will be enormously grateful for your gift towards the Chapel, Scholarships or for BM’s discretion.

With grateful thanks for your generosity and our good wishes to you at this very special time of year.

Archbishop Emeritus Sir David Moxon (1971-73)

Chairman Chapel Fundraising Group

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