Professor David Maidment (1968-70) and Dr Helen Maidment will be missed but not forgotten.

After two months in Christchurch, from February to April 2018, while David was back at the University of Canterbury as an Erskine Fellow sharing his water management expertise, David and Helen Maidment have returned to their home in Austin, Texas. During their stay in Christchurch they participated in a number of College House events and students and staff are extremely sorry to see them go.

While here, David and Helen announced a gift of $100,000 towards the restoration of the College House Chapel. As students, they were often in Chapel together. Helen recalled attending plainsong concerts on Saturday nights. "It was an experience for the ages,” she said. “Those orange windows cast such a beautiful light. And the ritual…it responds to something very deep in human needs.”

The announcement of the gift, by BM at formal dining, was met with sustained applause. The Maidments later spoke to students in the common room about their own student years and the opportunities student life offers for daring, creativity and personal development. They described the Chapel, which today's students have yet to experience, as a quiet place to think, to contemplate. And, they reminded students that a strength of CH is that it cares for students’ spiritual side as well as their mental, physical and academic growth.

David says: “We have gained so much from our gifts to College House. I remember flying over the North Island after we visited for the opening ceremony for Maidment House… I looked down on the green hills and thought ‘it feels like home again’.

David Helen Maidment with Flowers small

L-R: Brianna Hendrikson (2018 Fresher), Professor David Maidment (1968-70) and Dr Helen Maidment

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