Sam Johnson (2008 - 09) and business partner Tyler Brummer announce merger for their social enterprise WeVisit

WeVisit is a social enterprise founded by Sam Johnson (2008 – 09) and Tyler Brummer. Sam & Tyler created WeVisit to tackle the growing issues of social isolation and loneliness felt by older New Zealanders. In the recent announcement of their merger with Mycare (the country’s largest online home care platform), Sam and Tyler moving into an exciting new phase for WeVisit.

So what’s it all about? Sam & Tyler saw an ageing population on the one hand and on the other hand, a younger generation with little or no experience of talking to or engaging with older community member. WeVisit was developed to tackle this problem by matching up young and old to improve social connectedness in local communities.

WeVisit offers a range of services which match up each of the older clients with a young visitor or helper. These services include WeTech – a tech savvy helper will work alongside their older client to sort out issues with phones, computers and online services such as Skype and Facebook. WeVisit helps with gardening, cooking, conversation or companionship.

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Sam and Tyler WeVisit

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