We are sad to announce the passing of Norman Hardie QSO (1944) on 31st October 2017.

Norman made a significant contribution to the life of College House through his 26 years as a Board member (1971-97).  Hardie House is named in recognition of his service.

Norman was one of New Zealand’s most highly respected mountaineers.  He grew up in South Canterbury and developed his love of the mountains from an early age. This passion led him to study engineering which he hoped would provide him with a career in the great outdoors rather than in an office environment!  He spent his first year at university at CH.

Norman’s first job following graduation in 1947 was with the Ministry of Works at Lake Pukaki which provided him with the ideal opportunity to develop his mountaineering skills in the Southern Alps. A few years later, Norman travelled to UK to join his fiancée Enid Hurst. While working as an engineer in London, he became part of the team involved in the organisation of the first ascent of Everest.

Norman joined a later Himalayan expedition in 1954 to survey Makalu – the world’s fifth highest mountain. This was followed by the ascent of Mt Kanchenjunga – the world’s third highest mountain - using oxygen tanks designed by Norman himself.

Norman and Enid returned to New Zealand in 1955 but Norman’s attachment to the Himalayas never diminished. He travelled back to Nepal many times and for 26 years he was a director of the Himalayan Trust, established by Sir Edmund Hillary. Norman was instrumental in the creation of the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal which includes Mt Everest. In addition, Norman travelled to Antarctica several times and was the leader of Scott Base during the summer of 1983 – 84.

Norman leaves his wife, Enid and daughters Sarah Jane Hardie and Ruth Wells and their families.

A memorial service for family, friends and colleagues will be held at College House on Friday 10th November at 2pm.

   Norman Hardie DSC2674

Note:  There is an article about Norman Hardie in our latest Alumni MagazineClick this link

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