Wellington Alumni, parents and friends enjoyed a reunion on Wednesday, 28 June 2017. Alumna, Isobel Ewing (2008-09) gave a riveting presentation on her experiences as a political and foreign correspondent.

The event, at the Wellington Club, was attended by 20 guests whose memories of CH spanned from 1954. The accolade of being the earliest alumni goes to Rex Ford (CH#728, 1954). We were, however, also delighted to have Barbara Allan, also a 1954 alumna, with us. Barbara was one of a number of women theological students who were part of College House – although non-resident. These women students represent an important part of CH history and it was a delight to have one with us.

BM, Alistair Drayton spoke about life at CH today making the observation that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Listening to many of the stories that were being exchanged by alumni around the room confirmed exactly this. Guests also enjoyed a video showing 2017 students at work and play made by fresher student, Hamish Smith.

The guest attending were Barbara Allan (1954-55), Duncan Ballinger (2009-10), John Bathurst (1967-70), Peter Buxton (1957-59), Shane Cave (1973-75), Bruce Chapman (1980-82), Peter Coop (1974-76), Isobel Ewing (2008), Rex Ford (1954), David Forster (1982-83), Colin Fraser (1968), Max George (1962-64), Russell Longuet (1967), Mike Murtagh (1956-58), Adrienne Olsen (Parent), Dan Parker (1986), Graeme Proffitt (1974-76) and Moira Proffitt, Richard Shallcrass (1959-61) and Ellen Soulliere, Bill Studd (1963-64) and Jenny Studd, Paul Sutton (1980-82), Victoria Taylor(2008-2009), Mark Wilton (1988-89).

 Wellington 2017 Event audience



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