On Monday 5th September the George T Weston Scholarship and the House Council and Room 16 Scholarships were awarded at Formal Dining. 

The House Council were elected by the students at the end of last year and the Room 16's were selected after consultation with the 2015 House Council and Room 16's as well as the 2016 House Council, Tutors, Staff and an interview. All the Returner students in these roles are well deserving and have carried out the role of each position successfully. 

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House Council; Tate Steele (CCACC), Georgia Mossman (Vice President), Ollie Williamson (President), Hamish Muir (Secretary), Dinesh Fonseka (Treasurer), Matt Nugent (Cultural Chair) Absent: Simon Reeves (Sports Chair), Frances Scrimgeour (Social Chair)

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Room 16's; Emma Lowe, Lucy Crichton,Caitlin McCarrigan, Josh MacLeod, Sophie Tingey, Ruth Clifford, Elliot Nye, Anna Hardy Absent; Josh Barry, Julia Rolleston, Adam Tupper

The criteria of the George T Weston Scholarship is that it is awarded to a Returner who has made a valuable contribution to the life of the College and someone who will continue to make a contribution to others during the years ahead.’

The award this year goes to a most deserving young man who has had attracted widespread support in deciding the recipient. All agree that he has been really helpful to others in a variety of ways and he is not only a contributor, he is also undoubtedly an influencer. While he does not hold a leadership position his credentials for contributing are in excess of most other students and they most certainly align with the College House ideals of allowing people the opportunity to make a difference and also asking ‘what can I give, not what do I get.

So the 2016 winner of this award is Sam Clarke.

Widely known as a high achieving academic student, Sam uses his talents tangibly to provide tutoring in a range of papers and feedback on his teaching skills, explanations and patience is inevitably positive. He is always up for a friendly chat to those who need to discuss work, concepts or ideas informally, either over a meal in the dining room or somewhere else in the complex, as he always seems to have time for others and his advice to others on a range of topics is based on strong problem-solving skills, sound common sense and knowledge gained from his philosophical studies. His opinions are widely respected.

Sam volunteered to be a tour guide for this years’ Open Days and his positivity mirrored that of others, and he has contributed at Chapel services reading passages. He has been in the debating team for two years as an eloquent, witty speaker capable of perceptive interjections, and while he has helped our team gain success, it appears his best reward comes from the competition itself and the sense of fun and enjoyment he portrays.

Experiencing nights out with the boys camping in the hills or down at the beach forest in winter is not out of his comfort zone either although failing to secure a tent whilst potentially alcohol impaired was not up to his usual decision making standard. Taking Trinity students skiing and then a day off lectures to allow them to frolic in the Canterbury foothills snow was another contribution which simply added to their experience and shows his thoughtfulness and attitude about giving.

Sam arrived back this year keen to extend the range of speakers at dining and he wanted to provide CH students with more exposure to thinking and subject matter outside the norm. He has organised a variety of professors and lecturers to give addresses to promote wider and deeper ideas to students and the uptake has been promising with good numbers staying on for up to 2 hours expanding their mind. Seeing our students engaging is enlightening and this initiative simply adds to experiences offered in only the best places, something Sam wanted for College House. He has taken this responsibility seriously and can be relied upon to have everything organised and functioning well for a successful outcome.

Sam’s credentials are undeniable, he is a really pleasant young man with a very even temperament and calm demeanour, he enjoys events and contributing, and he has leadership skills which will be more fully utilised in the years ahead. Of course another inspiring thing about Sam is his great humility in spite of his amazing talents.

Sam, thank-you for being a highly valued House member and contributor to CH activities. We are confident that you will continue to contribute and lead in the future so that when you look back from time to time, you will be able to say with assurance that you added value and made a real difference for the good. 

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Sam Clarke, recipient of the George T Weston Scholarship

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