We have a number of second year academic scholarships to award each year, for students who have achieved to a very high level in their course of study. They are offered for particular areas of study specified by the donor of the scholarship.

This year there was strength across all categories and some outstanding results were gained. We have five excellent recipients who received scholarships. They were presented by Natalie Baird, chairperson of the Scholarships sub-committee at formal dining on Wednesday 11th May.

The Crowley Weston Scholarship awarded to a student of law. George Crowley Weston was a Houseman in 1935 and his College House number was 382. He was a Rhodes Scholar in 1939 to Oriel College, Oxford. He served as a Board Member and Sub-Warden between 1935-1995.The Weston Family are great benefactors and supporters of College House and we were privileged to have Lesley Weston at the presentation of this award. Often, Law is jointly studied with subjects such as commerce, science, politics and many other combinations which can affect the overall GPA. However this year, the student with the best Law grades also has the highest GPA of the applicants. The student to receive the award with an A- grade for both Law papers and a very creditable GPA of 7.67 is Ruth Clifford.

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The Lyall Holmes Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student studying engineering at the University. There were many students who performed extremely well in their engineering courses last year, probably the best for some time, which is very encouraging and a great credit to the students. However, the student with the highest GPA last year attaining the highest possible grade of 9.00 a truly spectacular result was Sam Clarke who received the award. 

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The Buller Reay Scholarship can be awarded to a student studying any course although it is usually presented to a student studying either in the arts, visual arts or performing arts. The winner of this award with a GPA last year of 7.00 in a mixture of Arts papers including English and Psychology with some Biology also studied, is Elizabeth Lyon.

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The Rowley Scholarship can be for science or for commerce or a combination and it was tightly contested this year with some superb results in a range of faculty areas. Two students have achieved an identical GPA of 8.88 in the mainly science field but also incorporating some commerce papers, and so for 2016 two awards were presented to Harry Wong and Melody Zhu. 

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On occasions, the Board of Governors at College House see fit to authorise additional scholarships on the basis of outstanding results. In 2016, three such scholarships were awarded and are to be known as College House Academic Scholarships. The three recipients are Sam Donald (GPA of 8.75), Adam Tupper (GPA of 8.75) and Anna Hardy (GPA of 8.50).

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It is very pleasing to note that many of these winners are sharing their undoubted academic talents by tutoring and mentoring in a variety of papers. This strengthens our support for all students at College House and adds to the sense of community we try and maintain.

Scholarship donors are keen to maintain the integrity of their gift, as we are, and so they are uncompromising when it comes to their interpretation of excellence. The expectations were high for these awards, the results didn’t disappoint: academic success is the prime focus and we have been able to award scholarships to very deserving candidates. Well done to all the students!

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