The House is full and we’re looking forward to a super 2016!

It’s a very exciting time for us as we start the 2016 academic year. Arriving last week the Returners spent the weekend planning the year’s exciting activities and settling back into their second year at CH.

We were joined by this year’s Freshers on Sunday afternoon. While we hosted their parents for afternoon tea, the Returner buddies showed the Freshers around and helped them settle into their rooms and houses.

This year we have a fabulous group of 159 students from 73 schools throughout the country. We are so proud of this talented cohort of young people who have chosen to start their university years at College House. We are very privileged to have them with us.

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IMG 0084

Freshers and Returners getting to know one another

IMG 0077

Returners ready to welcome Freshers

IMG 0120

We have a fantastic group of students for 2016

IMG 0135 3 1

Enjoying the beautiful weather on arrival day

IMG 0089

Freshers excitied for their first year at College House

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