CH alumnus, Bradley Meredith (2013) last week won top prize in the international finals of the 14th ‘Chinese Bridge’ television competition in China. An annual event, the Chinese language proficiency competition is held to encourage excellence in speakers of Mandarin as a foreign language. 

Preliminary rounds of the competition included 800,000 students from more than 97 countries. Bradley was one of 133 students from around the world selected to compete in the semi-finals, tested on topics including Chinese history, geography, people and culture. There was also a talent section, impromptu performances and points awarded for humour, stage presence and creativity.  

Bradley travelled to Changsha, China for the semis, which began on 8 July. He then competed in three rounds of the competition and made it through to the final round of six contestants, held on 2 August. The competition was televised in a reality TV show setting, with competitors filmed even when they slept!

In the final round of the international competition, Bradley was first awarded the top prize for Oceania, and then won the overall prize for university students worldwide. His performance is to be broadcast on Chinese national television.

“I’m absolutely stoked to win this prize. Although I’m a mechatronics engineering student, I’ve always had a strong interest in China as I spent much of my childhood there with my parents. I’ve kept up my Chinese language and also I love the Chinese culture,” says Bradley.

As part of his prize, Bradley will be awarded a scholarship to study at a Chinese university for three years.  Bradley’s talents also extend to being an accomplished rock climber and tramper. He was, however, best known to us at CH as a talented juggler wowing us all with his amazing skill.

Bradley Meredith Appling Aug 2015Bradley Meredith wows with his juggling skillsBradley Meredith ChinaBradley spent time growing up in China

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