Challenging other Christchurch businesses to get fitter by taking part in The Press Summer Starter is a focus for alumnus and board member Jono Brent (1996). Summer Starter is a fun run and walk that will take place in Christchurch on Sunday, 29 November.

Chief executive of electrical contracting company Connetics, Jono is keen to walk the talk and get his employees out doing healthy stuff and having some fun whilst they’re doing it. “We all work pretty hard in this business because with every storm we have, our guys are out there putting the wires back on – after the snow and wind storms,” says Jono. “It’s important that everyone in the company keeps fit. We’re always banging on about health and safety, but in the workplace we concentrate so much on the safety component that sometimes we don’t spend enough time on the healthy stuff. I work as part of the Christchurch City Holdings group, so I’ve thrown down the challenge to them all to take part. The pain is always easier in a group!”

On a personal level, Jono says he needs to be fitter. “I spend much of the day sitting down, so it’s time I pulled myself together and did something. In February, I ran 10.5km in a relay team in the Buller Marathon. In a moment of madness, I’ve committed to running next year’s Buller half-marathon. Luckily I’ve got three dogs and they’re always keen for a run.”

Well done Jono and we look forward to hearing how you get on.

jono brent1996 alumnus and current board member Jono Brent (Photo: Dean Kozanic/Fairfax NZ)


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