CH alumnus Dr Richard Strahan (1989-90) from the University of Canterbury’s Electrical Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre) has, with assistance from the UC Research & Innovation team, successfully completed a licensing agreement with New Zealand-based Wellington Drive Technologies (WDT).

Richard strahanDr Richard StrahanRichard says that the deal allows WDT to access his technology to support the company’s research and development of advanced energy-saving, electronically commutated motors. These motors use electronics instead of mechanical brushes to produce rotation, and are more compact and efficient than the traditional motors they replace. They are frequently used in computer hard drives, CD/DVD players, cordless power tools, refrigeration systems and electric vehicles.

Richard’s technology supports greater reliability, energy efficiency and cost performance, lower noise levels and reduced product complexity. 

Listed on the NZX, WDT is a leading global provider of commercial refrigeration control solutions.

The WDT deal is the latest success for Richard, whose pioneering work on brushless motor technology has already seen him working with a large European manufacturer. He’s also a consultant to electrical machine manufacturers, helping with the design and development of motors for a variety of applications. He was awarded the IET 2006 Premium Award for Proceedings – Electric Power Applications for best annual paper in this leading journal.

With a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UC, Richard also completed his doctorate here in Christchurch.

Richard is now undertaking a separate project for another client to design and develop a brushless motor capable of operating in an extremely high temperature environment.

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