CH alumnus Graeme Walker (2005-2006) and his fiancée Alexis Trevethan will now have a rather special honeymoon after they took out the Best Combined Group and then the Supreme Overall Winner for their seagull costumes at Wellington’s Sevens weekend in early February. The combined prize money came to $15,000.

Dressed as seagulls and wowing the judges with their imaginative take on the scavenger gull, Graeme and Alexis created their rubbish-chic costumes with heads made from rubbish bins, chicken wire and paper maché and wings made from foam camping mattresses.

Graeme said they couldn’t believe they’d won anything, let alone take out the Supreme Winner prize. “It was a lot of fun putting our costumes together and creating something we thought no one else would do. Scavenging seagulls made from recycled materials seemed to us a novel idea and environmentally sound, as well as a lot of fun.

“And winning all that money was such a surprise. We’ll have a pretty good holiday after our wedding at the end of the year,” said Graeme.

Graeme graduated BE in chemical process engineering in 2009 and with a Masters in Engineering Management in 2010. He now works at Beca as a project engineer; Alexis is a project adviser at Aurecon.

Seagulls at the SevensGraeme and Alexis model their winning costumes

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