Alumnus Sam Jarman (2011) has developed a website designed to connect New Zealand university postgraduate students with participants for their research.

Sam JarmanSam hopes that the site ( will increase the number of participants involved in research projects which will then lead to more reliable and statistically significant results.

Inspired to build the site after his friend was unable to find enough participants for his research, Sam says Subjects Wanted not only helps researchers find willing participants for their research, but also showcases the variety of research taking place on university campuses throughout the country.

“I’m looking at both sides of university clinical research,” says Sam. “Researchers find it difficult to get participants they need and therefore can’t get published. This website will help create better more robust research, and it will help promote and enhance postgraduate study. Hopefully Subjects Wanted will help to change the face of research in New Zealand.”

“The websites list projects that range from rock climbing, to eating kiwifruit for a week and having tubes up your nose. At the University of Canterbury alone researchers are investigating more than 800 PhD research projects, so there’s a huge demand for participants,” he adds.

Last year, Sam graduated with a BSc (Hons) with a major in computer science. He’s now working in Wellington as a mobile software developer for Carnival Mobile. He also has a YouTube channel called Nested which features computer science tutorials for high school students. 


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