Spending just $2.25 a day on food for five days will be the lot of alumni Ally Bayfield (2007-8) and Nick Hammond (2005-6) from 6-10 October, when they take part in Live Below the Line - a five-day food challenge that helps raise awareness and funds to help reduce global poverty. 

$2.25 is the equivalent to what those living in extreme poverty around the world can spend on all their expenses each day. Ally and Nick both volunteer at New Zealand-founded charity, Aotearoa Development Cooperative – known as ADC - which supports microfinance projects in Myanmar and Malawi. Established in 2007 in Myanmar, ADC and its partners have now distributed more than NZ$200,000 in loans with a repayment rate in excess of 90%. These loans have helped entrepreneurs establish small businesses to support their families. ADC is one of the partner charities for Live Below the Line.

Ally says she and Nick are looking forward to challenging themselves to only spend only $2.25 a day on their food. "It's definitely going to be difficult, but we've got a lot of support - the whole ADC committee is taking up the challenge. Live Below the Line is a really great way to start a conversation about poverty - it's a small sacrifice to make for those who don't have the opportunities we do."

If you'd like to support Live Below the Line this year, click here to sign up or donate to a participant.

Live Below the Line Alex  Nick MediumNick Hammond & Ally Bayfield will Live Below the Line

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