Our congratulations to alumnus and mechatronics engineering graduate Angus Watson (2010-11), winner of the Sir Peter Blake Youth Ambassador Scholarship.  Angus will live in the Antarctic for six weeks this summer to collate energy data important to the future of the frozen continent.

"The Antarctic poses a serious passive threat to earth, if global temperatures continue to increase. An estimated 70% of the planet's freshwater is embedded in the Antarctic ice sheet and freshwater that, if melted, has the potential to raise global sea levels by 60 metres," says Angus.

"The Southern Ocean transports large amounts of heat energy while absorbing substantial amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The factors that determine the weather patterns of our planet are greatly influenced by any Southern Ocean variation.

"I can't wait to get down to Antarctica. I live and breathe adventure. My passion for pushing the boundaries, while protecting our beautiful planet, is what has driven me to pursue a career dedicated to developing sustainable energy systems."

Angus says the versatility of his mechatronics degree has given him the broad skillset required to methodically break down and solve problems from different perspectives, as well as the strength to persist when searching for the optimal solution.

You can watch a YouTube clip that features Angus made by the University of Canterbury here

In his spare time, Angus is an ultra-marathon runner and multisport participant, finishing in the top 10 of the 2014 Coast to Coast Longest Day World event and finished the Chicamocha, Columbia, 166km ultra-marathon a few months ago.

Angus Watson LargeAngus recently spent 6 months travelling around South America

Angus Watson 1 LargeThe energy data Angus collects will aid study into the effects of Global Warming

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