College House again had winners in UC's annual bridge building competition held last week. More than 200 second-year civil engineering students built 36 bridges over the campus stream and then tested their strength – each bridge must hold three students before breaking under their weight.

Alumna (2013) India Eiloart's team scored a perfect 80/80; the group's entry was the best performing bridge in the competition. India says it was the first time an arch-type bridge had been the most structurally efficient in engineering lecturer Dr Alessandro Palmero's history of the competition.

India says that their bridge structure wasn't a 'first' but the lateral bracing that the team placed at each foot of the bridge gave it strength so it wouldn't twist and collapse.

"With the competition taking place a term early (because our lecturer is soon off on his sabbatical), we didn't have as much time as previous year's students so this year's designs have focused more on innovation rather than aesthetics. The short timeframe also meant very few bridges were painted, making our white painted bridge stand out with its clean lines. The aesthetics were mostly supplied by innovative construction and building techniques," India added.

Also winners last week were CH engineering students Will Rooney and Tom Wallis (both 2013-14) for their team's truss bridge.

Congratulations India, Will and Tom.

IMG 9599 LargeThe first member of India's team tests the strength of their bridge

2014-08-20 16.28.28The bridge holds up under the weight of three team members













2014-08-20 16.28.15Success as the bridge breaks at the crucial time








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