This is the Student Blog for 2014, written by returners Lucy Stevens and Josie Milton.  Check back regularly for the latest news from the House.

Blog Post #11 Term Four 31st October 2014

What a busy last couple of weeks it has been with assignments due and tests. The end of term also saw many celebratory events such as the last feast dinner for the year, Tea Party, T-Pain, the trip up the port hills to watch the sunrise on the last day of lectures and the Last Blast Term Party. It became a four-day bender for many members of the College.

The last feast dinner of the year was a great event with delicious food being served by the kitchen. There were a number of good speeches and a number of great cultural performances by members of the house. A special mention must go to Tom Pedofsky for making his debut as singer for the College House Band at post dinner drinks.

The weather on the Friday for tea party was amazing reaching 24degrees with everyone looking great in their costumes. Tea party was especially enjoyable this year because of all the free food UCSA was giving out such as hot chips, sushi and sausage rolls. It really topped the day off. Despite the terrible turn around with the weather on Saturday the last blast term party on Saturday was a great success. Winnie Whyte did an excellent job organizing it and and everyone had a blast and really got into the rubix cube theme! Good luck to Winnie for organizing all the College House events next year if it is anything like this term party we know you will do a superb job.

Best of luck to everyone with their exams!

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Blog Post #10 Term Four 6th October 2014

The sun was shining and the candyfloss machine was working overtime on Saturday, during the annual Music in the Quad event. This event saw fellow house members and leavers performing on a stage set up in the quad for the day while everyone else kicked back and enjoyed the delicious barbeque Shaz put on. The House Council did a fantastic job of organising a bouncy castle, Sumo wrestling suits and a cream pie station, bringing the nostalgic vibe of old school fairs.

There were some stellar performances, with leavers Eremia Tapsell, James Richardson and Johann Rieher coming back to demonstrate their musical prowess. The House also come out in force, with Lydia Oldfield's sweet voice, and Winnie White's quirky ukulele. The Civil Engineering students did a very funny item with Will Rooney taking centre stage, which the Mechanical students tried and failed to match. Another highlight occurred during the CH band (Borderline Chat), when a rather fat wood pigeon decided to take up roost in the main tree conveniently right over Liam's keyboard. It quickly relieved itself to everyone's amusement, which Liam was probably not too happy about.

All in all it was a very successful event, with MC Lucas and Cultural Rep Liam ensuring everything ran smoothly.

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 Blog Post #9 Term Four 29th September 2014

As everyone knows, the elections have just been, coinciding with our own elections for the 2015 House Council. Congratulations to everyone who ran for House Council, all of the speeches were great and it was definitely a tough choice. Well done to the elected CHSA 2015: Tom Dench (President), Millie Bidwill (Vice President), Riley Wilson (Treasurer), Jarred Durling (Secretary), Shayne Goldingham (CCACC), Winnie Whyte (Social) and Jessie Winder (Sport). We are sure you will lead College House well in 2015, making it yet another fun and successful year!

College House really got into the 2014 elections with this being the first time for many housemen and housewomen for voting. Thank you to Kaitlyn White and Katie Collier who organized a lot of local MPs and guest speakers to come in and talk to the house about the elections. If you have walked around the house grounds recently you will see a lot of political Billboards still up from people's night time adventures. There was also an election day party on the 20th October with everyone dressing up in their political party colours.

Blog Post #8 Term Four 10th September 2014

Term four has just begun and things are really starting to heat up at here at CH. With the first day of Spring having been and gone the weather is showing a considerably positive change, with the Ilam field staying dry with no large swamps. This term brings with it not only the spring flowers and promise of sunshine but also a wide variety of events. Towards the end of term the UCSA have sourced none other than T-Pain, as well as Tea Party the following day. College House will be putting on a few treats as well, including Music in the Quad. This outdoor concert allows those from the House (past and present) to showcase their wide variety of talents and entertain those not so gifted with the sound of music. There are still three reunions to be held and the usual term parties, feast dinners and cultural nights, so as per the norm it looks like it's going to be a busy one this term!

Blog Post #7 Term Three 11th August 2014

There has been a lot of sporting events recently at College House with the annual Brothers and Fathers Rugby game and the Mothers and Sisters Football game. The Brothers are the current College House Rugby club and the Fathers is a Rugby team made up of old collegians. The same goes for the Sisters being the current CH football team and the Mothers the football team made up of ex collegians. Fortunately College House won the rugby game with the Fathers having to admit defeat. Captain of the Fathers rugby team CH collegian Harrison Steedman said that fitness was the real issue.

In the weekend College House played RnR in both rugby and football. RnR won the girls and boys rugby aswell as the boys football however our College House girls won the girls football. Although College House did not win overall it was a great day with a BBQ on Ilam fields to end the sporting events.

The few weekends of sporting competitions are a great lead up to the Selwyn Sports exchange, happening this weekend in Christchurch. Hopefully College House will come away with a win against Selwyn.

Blog Post #6 Term Three 25th July 2014

Thursday night saw the entire house decked out in kilts with the sound of Lewis Gibson's bagpipes summoning all to dinner. It was of course, the annual Robbie Burn's feast dinner. This night celebrates Robert Burns, who was heralded as the national poet of Scotland. The feast dinner involved several poems, a rather stirring rendition of Auld Lang Syne and an Address to a Haggis reading by Law Professor David Round. Once the delicious spread was finished (including haggis for those brave enough to try), it was time to head to the study centre for post dinner drinks. This was accompanied by the Black Velvet band, which played several Scottie anthems, among old favourites like Wagon Wheel. For a very relevant treat, four members of the house performed a highland dance for the house, amazing everyone with just how high they could jump. A special congratulations to Lewis Gibson and Angus Hendry who are heading over to Scotland soon for a month for more dancing, including dancing in the Edinburgh military tattoo. We wish you all the best of luck.

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Blog Post #5 Term Three 23rd July 2014

It has been once again a busy week with cultural night on Tuesday showcasing the many talents on offer such as the great dance Stanford House performed. Later on in the night was Hardie reunion, which took place at the room 16's flat from the previous year, which is normally where the reunions occur. One of the more memorable scenes from the night was when a leaver attempted to ski down a makeshift ramp and rail and wipe out. Perhaps they should continue to wait for the mythical snow metservice has promised. Hardie reunion was the second reunion to take place, having just had Beadel's the week before. These events have both been great, giving the freshers the opportunity to meet and greet many of the 2012/13 alumni of College House. These reunions will continue to run through the term, having one for each house.

10497071 10152325970692725 8619653150402791628 oLewis Gibson and Juliet Bruce entertain the House

Blog Post #4 Term Three 21st July 2014

After a big re-O week back things at College House are once again in full swing. With events such as Comedy Club, Jetski, a hypnotist and the Perfect Storm, the UCSA had the week covered. If this wasn't enough excitement, the College House ball went of with a bang last Saturday. The ball was particularly successful, with everyone thoroughly enjoying this eagerly awaited night. The fresher girls decorated the pre-ball beautifully and the CH band set the mood with a particularly good rendition of 'Intro' by The xx. Buses then took everyone off to a night of luxury and fun, where the food was great and the chat even better. The House really came out in force, looking their finest and taking the night by storm.

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Blog Post #3 Term Three 14th July 2014

With exams a safe distance behind us the second semester brings a lot of exciting events for the housemen and women of college house. The first weekend of term three is the College House Ball with our social rep Steph Russell having worked hard throughout the year for this event to be spectacular. The night will begin with the pre-ball traditionally organised by the fresher girls, accompanied by the College House band. Buses will then take us to a mystery location where the ball will be held. This event is always a favourite with all of the house members getting involved.

Term three also means the second chapel service for the year being a candle light service, giving students a chance to reflect. It is also an opportunity for students to showcase their cultural talents, with musical items throughout the service. Pre-earthquake the chapel services were held in the College House Chapel however this year the service will be held in the study centre. The construction site the main dining hall is now fully demolished with an excavated hole as large as a pool. Rumour has it Dean wants to make it a swimming pool during the summer time and a duck pond during the cooler months.

Blog Post #2 Term Two 25th June 2014

 It was a busy time for all on the weekend of the 24th of June with the girls of the House dressing up in their finest for cocktail night, while the boys retreated to the party box to watch rugby and have a few beers on Tray Day. Excitement levels were high, with the day starting at 3 pm for the lads of the house. They congregated on the tennis court in their drinking jackets, enjoying the last of the winter sun and indulging in bit of banter before disappearing to the party box. Meanwhile the gals were swapping nail polishes and deciding which dress to wear, before heading upstairs to sample cocktails and have sophisticated chat. Big thanks goes out to Paul Symes, Callum Wisbey, Caitlin Waghorn and Kelsey Bush for organising this fantastic day, the effort you put in was appreciated by all.

 On Sunday, the annual inter-hall sevens tournament was held. This saw teams from Uni Hall, Bishop Julius and R&R competing. With our Brothers team feeling a little worse for wear after the late night last night, they were still off to a strong start. An easy game against Bishop Julius saw us taking out the win. The Brothers did well in a closer game against Uni Hall, keeping the winning streak until R&R managed to close in on us, taking out the game. The end of the tournament saw College House coming a close second, with R&R winning the tournament.

Blog 2 Image 2Having a sophisticated chat

Blog 2 Image 1Enjoying Cocktail Night

 Blog Post #1 Term Two 12th May

 Week one back at College House has begun with everyone being able to see the progress done to main block over the holidays. Half of the kitchen has already been demolished with new things being done every day. Three weeks of holiday went very quickly however everyone has seemed to settle back into their routine again with it feeling like you never left. The freshers last term settled into College House well and embraced everyday life of College House and all of the traditions that go along with it. As always it is a very busy term for College House with exams for semester one being only a few weeks away. We also have many great events to look forward to such as quiz night and cocktail night and tray day. The winter chill has already started to set in but that hasn't dampened the housemen and house women of college house to make this a great term ahead.

IMG 5698 LargeReturners perform the CH haka for the freshersIMG 5921 LargeThe Term Party was High School themed



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