Our intrepid students are all over the world helping others. One of our 2014 Room 16's, Anna Cusack, spent part of her summer in Malawi.  Read her story...

"In January I travelled with a team from World Vision to Malawi, Africa to see where the 40 Hour Famine funds will go this year and what a difference New Zealanders can make. I have been chosen along with four other young people from around the country to be a World Vision Youth Ambassador for 2014, the 40th year of the 40 Hour Famine. This role entails speaking at schools, youth groups and conferences around the country, to share our experiences and the projects we saw underway in Malawi.

Malawi is a special country and the people over there are truly beautiful. They are hard-working, uncomplaining and warm! It was such an honour to be welcomed into their schools, churches, health centres and homes. However the trip was definitely bittersweet. Due to food shortages their lives are a daily struggle to survive. This year the rains came late for the second year in a row and their supply of food is running out quickly. Yet amid the suffering, we also saw that aid work has been really able to start turning people's lives around, with livestock, medical help, clean drinking water and schools. It was inspiring to see the way that, through the 40 Hour Famine, we can fund sustainable projects that enable these beautiful people to not only survive but to thrive."

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