The College House Act 1985 was the result of Parliamentary amendments to the endowments and trust funds of CH, which originally stated that only young men could reside at the college. In 1990, young women studying at the University of Canterbury were the first to become residents at CH alongside their male counterparts.

Natalie Baird PicNatalie Baird (CH2916, 1990) was one of those in the first intake of women residents. Natalie is now a senior lecturer in law at UC, and recently came back as a dinner guest to share her experiences as one of the first alumnae of CH. Her address to the students included many amusing anecdotes about life at CH in the 90's, and, in particular, for the first intake of women House members.

Natalie's areas of research involve International Human Rights, Refugee Law and Pacific Legal Studies. Natalie teaches International Human Rights and part of the Public Law, Bill of Rights and Immigration and Refugee Law courses. Natalie is now on maternity leave, and we wish her all the best on her latest adventure.


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