The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon John Key, paid a fleeting visit to CH in early October.

Introducing the PM to the House, tutor Sean Maskill said he had to speak off the cuff as the GCSB had removed his prepared piece from his laptop the night before. Thanking Sean for his introduction, the PM joked back that he'd already read Sean's speech (provided of course by the GCSB) and he'd noticed some spelling mistakes!

The PM went on to talk about how New Zealand's economy the country's outlook had changed since he completed his UC degree in the early 1980s.

The internet has had a massive impact on the way the world does business; and New Zealand's focus has moved from the UK and Europe towards Asia, and particularly China. He said that Asia should now be our focus; there are significant opportunities for all Kiwis, and particularly for engineers and the construction industry.

The PM encouraged us all by saying that today's students are "the workforce of tomorrow". He believes that the quality of grades matter hugely and that, generally speaking, the areas of study aren't necessarily so important. To succeed in a career, we all need to give it 110%. "And if you don't succeed first time, pick yourself up and get on with it," he said. "You'll get out of life what you put into it."

Finishing up, the PM gave the House a challenge, "If New Zealanders want to spent like a first world country, New Zealand must earn like it."

Food for thought for us all.

To see more of the PM's visit, click here for photos.

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