College Day was held on Sunday, 15 September with the traditional formal lunch and chapel service, followed by House photos.

We were pleased to host staff, alumni and guests along with the students for the celebration of College House's birthday. A delicious meal was followed by an equally delicious dessert and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday", as well as the cutting of the magnificent birthday cake by Jack McDonald and Millie McKelvie, CHSA President and Vice-President.

Bishop Victoria Matthews, Warden of College House, presided over the service at Christ's College chapel, giving a thought-provoking sermon about treating others as equal. "College House students are not the least, the lost and the last. Therefore how you treat others is incredibly important. Pause for a moment and reflect on your own life" A great message for us all to take away.

The performances by students showcased the musical talent within the House, with guitar and piano accompaniment to solos and a duet, as well as the CH Boys Barber Shop. 

All this was followed up by House photos in the quad back at CH, including the infamous 'funny house photo', which, as usual, meant less is more for many of the housemen and women, the streaking team in particular!

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