Housemen from the 1963 year group had a fantastic time at their reunion on 23-25 August at College House, wonderfully organised by Geoff Furkert (CH1126, 1963-64).  

A number of the group travelled from Australia for the event and from all around the North and South Islands.  The group toured the university campus with CH alumna Katie Neill (2011-12) and were fascinated with all the changes which have occurred. Friday night registration was a great success and a chance for many old friends to reconnect.  Saturday dinner was also a terrific experience with guest speakers Ryan Reynolds of Gap Filler, and Student Volunteer Foundation General Manager Jason Pemberton (CH4742, 2007-08) speaking about their post-quake vision for Christchurch.  The '63 Housemen attended chapel service at the recently opened transitional cathedral on Sunday, where they received a special mention in the service.  All in all, it was definitely a weekend to remember!

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1963-Relay team edited

The 1963 Relay Team

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