The House recently welcomed to dinner Christchurch philanthropists Grant and Marilyn Nelson who established the Gama Foundation Charitable Trust in 1995.

A CH alumnus (1965-66), Grant spoke about the inequalities that occur because of the divide between the rich and poor. He said that, for example, people making donations or paying for lobbying can persuade decision-makers take a particular course, but that may not be for the good of society as a whole. He urged our students to be aware of these inequalities, and to get to know and reach out and be involved in the communities in which they live.

Grant went onto say that today many businesses want to employ people who are actively working and volunteering in their local communities. We feel very proud of the spirit of volunteering that's going from strength to strength at CH. As well as our long-standing work at the Cholmondeley Home in Governors Bay, we're doing more work with the Salvation Army. Two evenings a week our students help out on the Sallies' food truck that goes out around cafes, bars and restaurants and then heads around Christchurch streets stopping off to hand out food.  Still on a food theme, returner Tim Williams gets out on his bike in the early mornings and collects leftover food from food halls and cafes, and takes it to the City Mission.

 PHOTO 14 Neslons

BM Laraine Sharr with Grant and Marilyn Nelson, and Deputy Senior Tutor Duncan Ballinger.

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