Term Two is nearly over and will be celebrated with a feast dinner.

It's been a great term, highlights have included: The Inaugural Inter-House Pigeon Race, Volunteering for the Student Volunteer Army, the Anzac Chapel Service, the Annual Golf Tournament and some excellent alumni guest speakers.
Our speakers have included: Andrew Caseley (CH 2089), Managing Director of MWH; Hugh Morrison (CH 2138), CEO of Arrow International; Paul Bingham, (CH 2732) from Black Cat Cruises and Tourism NZ, and Sam Johnson, Young New Zealander of the Year.

SVA digging

Andrew Caseley, when he spoke at Formal Dining, gave the House some excellent career advice.
He encouraged Housemen and women, when evaluating their lives and careers, to consider four important elements:
1. Passion - to be passionate about their work
2. Opportunity - to seize opportunities
3. Adaptability and Flexibility - to be open to change
4. Contentment (Physically, mentally and spiritually)- and to be content in what they are doing.

A special thank you to our alumni for visiting the House.

Formal Dining 2012

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