On Monday 14th March 2011, the College welcomed back its first group of students as part of the University of Canterbury's re-start programme following the February 22nd earthquake.

Jack checking stairs

We were proud of our housemen and housewomen who returned cheerful and pleased to be back in residence.
The 2011 College House students returned to some changes however. The College House Dining Hall, Kitchen, Main Block and Chapel were closed and remain closed as a precautionary measure to allow for engineers' recommendations for detailed checks to be carried out and for remedial attention to be given to those areas. The Dining Hall is relocated to the Recreation Block area and a relocatable kitchen installed alongside. Formal Dining traditions continue.
A student blog has been written which describes the re-start to the year and the determination to uphold tradition despite the new environment.
Highlights of the student diary include mention of Cultural Evening, Formal Dining, Initiation, Shambles and volunteering with the Student Army.






Maintenance Officer Jack, checking the strengthened staircases.

Re-locatable kitchen being placed

The re-locatable kitchen being lifted into place.


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