Christchurch Earthquake

Thank you to all our alumni, friends and supporters who have contacted the College following the earthquake on Saturday 4th September. We are pleased to announce, following the initial inspections by structural engineers, that the College buildings appear to be fine. There are one or two small cracks but nothing major. We are very fortunate the earthquake occurred during the last weekend of university holidays and there were virtually no students in residence. Students were advised to remain at home until further notice and were given regular updates by the university. Term Four will now begin on Monday 20th September. Websites of interest to students and alumni following the earthquake are: University of Canterbury, Geonet, and quakemap. Also, alumnus Michael Andre Phillips (CH 2110, 1979-1980) who is based in Australia, has forwarded this link to his seismic recordings from Coonabarabran Seismograph Station, NSW.

Earthquake Wedding

Alumnus John Collie (CH 3712, 1998-1999, Tutor 2002-2003) and Anita Warnock were to be married in the College House Chapel on Saturday 4th, the day of the earthquake. Although unable to use the Chapel becuase of the aftershocks they were still able to be married in the quadrangle in front of their family and friends.

EQ wedding

Students help clean up

Among the heroes of the Christchurch earthquake is recent alumnus Sam Johnson (CH 4803, 2008-2009), who started up a Facebook page for students encouraging them to help with the clean up effort. College House tutors and students, College House 'flatties', UC students and students from around the city pitched in and helped across the various suburbs. It was a phenomenal effort and was publicly recognized by the Prime Minister, Christchurch Mayor and the Vice Chancellor. Our congratulations goes to Sam and his team of friends and helpers for such a great initiative.

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