The College was thrilled and delighted to welcome alumnus Sam Neill, back to the House last night at Formal Dinner. 

Sam was CCACC in his second year at College House and so it was fitting and appropriate that the current CCACC Libby Priest, and former CCACC's still resident in Christchurch, were able to sit at High Table with Sam Neill. Mr Neill spoke at dinner and enthused the House with tales of his student experiences. He commented that the House seemed greatly improved by the presence of female students! Mr Neill also encouraged the House men and women to consider some of the big issues of the current time and to be politically active while they have the freedom to do so. It was exciting to be able to welcome Sam Neill back to CH and our seniopr students enjoyed giving him a tour of the College.

Sam Neill with CCACCs

Pictured above: Sam Neill with current CCACC, Libby Priest; and former CCACC's from left: Seamus Woods 2009, Jason Pemberton 2008, Jeremy Purton 2006 and Campbell Allan 2007.

Sam Neill addressing the House
Pictured above: Sam Neill addressing the House. The paintings behind Mr Neill are the work of alumnus Leah Sheppard. Below: 

Sam Neill at High Table

Above: Sam Neill at High Table.

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