The College House and Selwyn College (Otago University) Cultural Exchange takes place at the end of the first term.

This year, as in the past, it was a close fought battle between the two colleges. The talent and commitment shown by the students was superb. The overall competition was won by Selwyn, which ends a four year wining streak for CH. College House lost to Selwyn in debating and theatre sports but won the instrumental and the choir competitions. The points were then evenly matched before the battle of the bands commenced. And although sadly CH was defeated, we congratulate Selwyn on their win and look forward to next years exchange.

BM TrophySelwyn Welcome

Picturedabove: BM graciously handing over the Cultural Exchange trophy to Selwyn College after the Band Competition; and the students gathering after our official welcome to Selwyn College.

To right and below: Members of the Choir before their performance; Houseman Hamish Laing competing in the InstrumentalCompetition; and the College House Band.

Selwyn ChoirInstrumental


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