On the 25th September the House celebrated Marguerite Leitch and her 30 years of service to College House.


Marg started work in the College House kitchen in 1978 and she has seen many changes since. 'Back then the meat was always carved by BM at High Table.' 'Puddings used to be presented in big dishes with custard. There were big gravy pots, huge pots to clean and there weren't ovens to steam veges like there are now.' Marguerite says 'It's easy to come to work each day, and being around the students is the best part of the job.' When Marguerite is not working, she is a keen golfer - a natural progression after playing representative hockey for Canterbury for many years.

Pictured below: Jasper Hawkins and alumnus Greg Burgoyne perform for Marguerite.

Jasper Hawkins and Greg Burgoyne

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