College Housemen and women welcomed Archbishop Moxon (1972) to Formal Dinner earlier this week. 

The Archbishop addressed the House at Formal Dinner and later attracted a large group of interested students for discussion over coffee.
In his address the Archbishop spoke of life and times at College House when he was in residence in the seventies and he highlighted Tradition and Community as enduring values of the College. "Years on," he noted, "when you meet College House alumni somewhere in the world, there is that unmistakeable twinkle and sparkle that generates an immediate connection." The Archbishop made reference also to his years at Oxford University, noting our College connections with the rich traditions of Oxbridge spanning 1000 years, - the gown whose origins reside with the monks, and the mortar board that represents the book used centuries ago to tap the graduand three times as an acknowledgement of academic achievement.
We appreciated the Archbishop's visit and look forward to maintaining contact with him.

Archbishop Moxon

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