A series of College House BBQ's have been held up and down the country this month. 

Students who will be attending College House for the first time in 2007 have been invited to a Fresher BBQ which is hosted by returning students living in their region. It's a great way to meet everybody before arriving in Christchurch to join the House in February.

Charles Baker BBQ

Pictured above is the Auckland group hosted by Charles Baker. "It was a great success, and a really awesome night. We had a lot of people attend, and they were all really cool to meet. It looks like it will be another great year at CH."

Auckland BBQ

"The Hamilton bbq was fantastic, had a great turn out of freshers and returners, and all had fun meeting new people. Here is a picture of us all. See you in a few weeks!" David Linehan.

Hamilton BBQ

The South Canterbury College House BBQ for freshers.

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