On Saturday afternoon the Alumni and Development Office hosted its first event – a music concert – featuring student bands from 2003 – 2006. 

This was an informal farewell to the Principal and followed a very relaxing barbeque hosted by the College House Association.
A stage was set up in front of the dining hall and students gathered in the quad with couches, blankets (one paddling pool) and were entertained for two hours by student bands. The music ranged from the Deceivers (Epicentre) to Kenzo Pannell and friends on acoustic guitar followed by some 'bad ass' rock from Rob Tilby and his band Yesterday's Model. The 2006 College House bands finished the afternoon and the concert concluded with two pieces from the Octet including a piece they had composed entitled "Goodbye BM".
It was great to see so many ex Housemen and Women coming back, we are only sorry we couldn't get in contact with more people. 'Music in the Quad' is certain to become a regular event on the Alumni Events calendar.

Music in quad 2006Music in quad 2006 1

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