As in other years, the Leavers' Dinner was a memorable occasion. 

The last feast dinner of the year included choir and band items. More than a third of the students were involved in performing a medley of songs from 'the Lion King'. Katie Sherning (the student secretary) proposed the toast to the Board, Principal and staff, replied to by Matt Barber (the Hardie- Watts Russell tutor). Perry Jackson (the outgoing student vice president) proposed the toast to the House, replied to by Brogan McIlwrick (next year's vice president). Matt Easton (next year's student president) proposed the toast to the leavers, replied to by Will Fletcher (the 2005 president). The Leavers' Dinner was extremely successful, with a combination of good speeches, wonderful music, some dancing, and a lot of tears when 'Auld Lang Syne' was sung at the end of the evening.
The Principal, Dr Andrew Stockley, commended the House on a most successful year and thanked the members of House Council (the student executive) and the students as a whole for all they had contributed. Next year promises to be as successful. Eighty-five percent of the first year students have applied to return for a second year and a record number (38 of the 71 returning students) stood for election to the 2006 House Council.

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