A large group of students from Selwyn College, Dunedin visited the College at the weekend for the third annual Cultural Exchange. 

The contest ended as a tie, with College House winning the choir and theatresport competitions and Selwyn College the debating and band events. The College held a formal dinner on the Saturday night for the staff and students visiting from Selwyn (including the Warden, the Reverend Lois Warburton, formerly Chaplain of College House). A party (which included the band competition) was held later that evening.
College House students visited Selwyn College in the third term for the annual Sports Exchange. Selwyn won five events (men's tennis, men's squash, men's and women's rugby, and women's netball) and College House won four events (women's tennis, women's squash, men's and women's soccer). It was an extremely close competition and College House would have won had one game of squash gone the other way.

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