For the fourth year running, College House has won the Margaret Wood Interhall Cultural Shield. College House has won the annual competition between the halls of residence at Canterbury University since its inception in 2002.
Four events were held towards the end of the last term: debating, theatresports, instrumental, and battle of the bands. College House won the debating, theatresports, and bands contests, and placed second in the instrumental competition.
College House students have been involved in a range of cultural events the last few weeks. This year's Musical Society production at the University ('the Fiend') was dominated by College House students. It was written and directed by a former student (and 2003 Cultural Officer) Rob Tilby, there were five current students in the cast (including the female lead) and a number of former students were also involved. Over half the students went to watch Tuesday's performance.
The Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner earlier in the term was, as usual, accompanied by angels, presents, Father Christmas and the singing of carols (some of which had been changed to refer to events in the College).


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