College House students have had remarkable success in this year's round of University of Canterbury awards for Emerging Leaders.

The University awarded 27 Emerging Leaders Scholarships to students commencing their studies in 2005. College House students won 9 of these scholarships. Bronwen Strang, the Acting Principal, commented that it was a remarkable achievement for College House students to win a third of the scholarships given they comprise less than three percent of the new students at the university. Bearing in mind that 6 of the 27 scholarships are reserved for students from particular schools and backgrounds, the achievement of College House students was even more outstanding, having won 9 of the 21 open scholarships (43%).
The University of Canterbury Emerging Leaders Scholarships are awarded "to recognise and support high-achieving students, not only for their academic abilities but also their sporting or cultural achievements and leadership potential". The College House students awarded Emerging Leaders Scholarships were Kyle Chaning-Pearce, Ben Drake, Matt Easton, Jayne Gulbransen, Nick Hammond, Ryan Harper, Jeremy Purton, Greg Severinsen and David Turner.

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